• Sarah Garcia

Thoughtless Scheming

Updated: Nov 20, 2020


Yoursz Truly 's Advice, and Encouragement


1. Don't let others make you feel unworthy , or give them any power of how you live your life .

They can't even manage to live theirs,

How can anyone live if They are so focused on someone else's Life.

2..If you are hated by others, love yourself even More,

because ONLY YOU can manage the love they lack of.

3. KILL them with KINDNESS, (bullies hate this) but they are a bunch of haters

HATERS ALWAYS HATE ,Whether it's you they're hating on or not. It's their HATE they can keep it. Doesn't go with your shine anyways

4. REMEMBER, You are not alone on this as much as it may seem,

There are thousands who have your back, and stand by you, Myself Included.)

5. DO NOT be Embarrassed or Ashamed to let A teacher, counselor,

Parent or other family members know what's going on ,It is their Duty to take the necessary actions for your safety and well being.

6. When You manage to make it through , and turn the tables them without lowering yourself to their pointless level You will be proud of yourself at the end of it all,

I am living proof of that happening.


Even The Most talented and Admired Celebrities, and Musicians have been Bullied been bullied in School before they became famous, and not deal with cyber bullying on a daily after becoming famous, because They understand through experience and they some even have shared those experiences, Such as EMINEM who was bullied and Beat Up by a Bully badly in School and then SUED by that SAME bully after Eminem's track "Brain Damaged" was released you can read all about it(>>>HERE ON LADBIBLE<<< ) Other Celebrities support anti bullying campaigns like (>>STOMP OUT BULLYING<<<) So that goes to show that you are NOT ALONE, YOU ARE UNDERSTOOD and CARED ABOUT. #THEYHAVEYOURBACK

Now one of my personal Rockstar Heroes who released a few songs about Bullying that thousands of listeners can relate JONATHAN DAVIS Lead singer of Nu metal, Alternative Band KORN , had released a song titled "FAGET" which is about experience of being Bullied. Korn releases another Song later which is titled "Thoughtless" (my favorite Song and Music Video. )

( Below are a few of his quotes form Jon Davis and the music video from KORN that you can view)

I added this Musik Video from the band

KORN the song titled Thoughtless


I believe this song and video is spot on with describing the thoughts and the the feelings

of those who are bullied

If you or anyone you know is being bullied There are some resources and websites LISTED BELOW THAT ARE THERE TO HELP YOU. tHEY GOT YOUR BACK and so do I,