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Revenge of The Used

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

There is an Alternative Rock band that's been around since the early 2000's called

if you heard of :



Then You know about their Newest album "Heartwork"

There was a few things that helped me during  my recovery from abusing Alcohol.
I decided to  to take this Journey because I 've been to about 5 or more shows that The Used had played at, but I don't really remember seeing them perform though.   I only remember a few little things, because I was pretty wasted  . So when I   bought tickets to BACK TO THE BEACH in Huntington Beach, CA. of last year. The USED was performing last on DAY 2 of BACK TO THE BEACH.  I then made a deal with myself I was going to ween  myself off of Alcohol  only 2 drinks the whole concert  and I will be front and center to see The Used from start to finish,  and that is EXACTLY what I had accomplished,

    The Pandemic was going to be difficult to get through  sober with ADD , no responsibilities ,and no work. Every time the urge came , I  would watch MOVIES  mainly STAR WARS every Star WARS MOIVIE over and over,  mainly REVENGE of the SITH.  WHICH IS MY MOST FAVORITE because it's so relatable; I will explain that in another blog time. 


"Note: None of the footages , Images ,or Songs are mine jut the editing

MUSIC AND FOOTAGES ARE FROM The Used Music Videos and Live Performances Videos

and Star wars lll Revenge of the Sith Film

(pt2 at end of Blog Scroll down )

Heart💓💥Wars (part 1)

Motive behind the Video

	The Idea for the Videos below I had titled ' Heart Wars' because it has Star Wars  Footage and   f A few  songs from a few  albums by The Used.  I  wanted to do something different and I want to put an end to  some kind of rival between me and my GHOSTER I had to think of a way to grasp the ghosters attention and apologize for  my wrong doings  that I exposed during the 98% of the time I was around my ghoster. Who by the way , I was very convinced that I can rely on as a friend  BUT a  friend wouldn't just  judge someone so randomly and as harsh as the ghoster has judged me, and would  not just up an and abandon someone  out of the blue. I was  NOT very hurt about being ghosted, I was more disappointed and confused, Others had judged him to be bad news and even told me so , I thought just because of the Ghosters  Dark Style, and I even told them they were wrong it's not even like that ,  I had this person's back when others try to attack . If I consider you my friend I'm straight up ride or die I will have your back 100% but like most people I non judgmentally accepted into my life did  not  have  my back only stabbed it, that is what This Person had done to me , and instead of retaliating like usual , I decided that I would just respect it and that's what I did and still do. I don't respect or appreciate the shit talking nor  the negative and obvious reaction to my name being mentioned that I Keep Hearing about from others......Anyway! with that being said I was driven!  to use my creativity and humor, and to use MY Ghosters favorite band and favorite trilogy to make an apology and to end this stupid unnecessary rival once and for all Seriously, It's been YEARS since we last spoke and I'm over hearing  how  My Ghoster said "this and responded with that
blah blah blah "No More Bull Shit Drama please. THANK YOU!


🌠XTRA info....

 A small segment of the video was the apology but I had One Idea and another and another and another; I had literally a blast making this video, I made this video a little personal as well there are subliminal messages about my Ghoster and  I , also a silly little story line  if  Bert McCracken Lead singer of The Used teleported to a galaxy far away by R2's little glitch so Bert is  at the far away Galaxy  Being persuaded to join the darks Side. ONLU by Anakin's  dark side KNOIWN  AS  "Vader "Bert of course refuses and He will take on the darks Side!
 There subliminal messages about how something, whether it's a habit or a relationship, friendship etc., could start off  Great, and have a lot  fun doing (Like I had enjoyed drinking, and Hanging out with someone) Then there was Chaos, Betrayal , and War with drinking and with my so called "Friend."  as THE VIDEO end with  a new SELF REDEMPTION ,  a new lifestyle and Peace. I am not Sure If It was Even seen yet , but  I have attempted to Reveal it  to the Ghoster , but it's not entirely important to me.


 I am happy that I created this , It has not been done by anybody else  to my knowledge. and I learned a lot about Video Editing and Audio mixing. I'm sure it would be liked and appreciated  if it was watched but I will be more  than happy to reveal it to my  wonderful viewers.  SO enjoy "Heart Wars":



Thanks For The Interest and Happy Holidays

From Yoursz🎀Truly


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