• Sarah Garcia

Most Shocking Musik Vid. : Prodigy- Smack My Bitch Up

So I should have listened to Kurt Loder, I should have not watched this Music Video, but I did not listen to Kurt "Viewer Discretion Warning,andI sat there innocent , young, and vulnerable. I sat and watched the video till the end and after Prodigy-Smack my Bitch up ended I sat there mouth wide open, shocked thinking "OH MY GOD, What did I just see?!? Little did I know then, I saw somewhat of my adulthood.... Here is my first Music Video FLASHBACK REVIEW:

A GIRL?!?! She caused all that chaos!!, No wayyyyyyy! ...

Wow this Video takes me back ....YOKES!

-So what Shocked me the most in Childhood, turned out to be a daily Routine in Adulthood ....Minus the Heroine of course, but yeah Fights at a club, Drinze , Men, and women, That was my twenties and early thirties that was me as one Hot Mess.king and driving, Drugs boo

For a Song that only has a few lyrics t, he song is very catchy and was very popular when it first came out. I could not think of any other type of video that would be perfect for song like this. ...

Yoursz Truly Main